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And two years later...

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FlHdnPO6dlwSo little and yet so much has happened in the last two years. A strange warp has appeared in our perception of time. It feels like five years ago since the Olympics were on (it was this summer, folks!), and yet it doesn't seem possible that Christmas is just a few weeks away. Everyone I ask is equally baffled as to what day it is half the time.

Is this preparing us for a time when clocks and calendars will become obsolete? Has there been some kind of update to the space-time continuum that we didn't notice because we were too busy arguing about face masks? And why have I aged five years in the space of two? If not my face, then certainly my hair. 

These and other questions about the mystery of time will probably not be answered here, even if you come back next week. Come back anyway.

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