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Chapter 11: Flying the nest - and the art of letting go

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Now that novel number one (Sleeping Through War) has flown the nest, I find myself musing on thoughts of possession and freedom. The feeling of creating anything - a book, a song, a knitted scarf - is absorbing and exhilirating, but when it's finished I realise how important it is to let it go. Only that way will our creations have a chance to live, although nothing is ever guaranteed of course. The alternative is to be so in love with the results of our labours that we build cages to keep them in so that we may look at them for our own satisfaction, like butterflies under glass. Sleeping Through War is complete.  I will not go back and polish or re-write. It's been released into the world to fend for itself, as all grown-up things must. It's sitting on the shelves of bookshops, it's being borrowed from public libraries, and complete strangers now have it in their hands to make of it what they will. I understand now that it's no longer mine, and mine alone. Its characters and voices are coming to life inside other people's minds and I will never know what they look like as they grow. Does it matter? Only if I choose to possess and imprison that which I created. I see that we do it with so many things: My book, my garden, my child... getting so stuck on the ownership of things that we don't notice that our lives are being owned by that which we possess. Too deep for a Thursday morning? Okay, so here's a way to free ourselves from the shackles of what we have created: Create something else! Let go of what you've done, wish it well on its journey out into the world, and make something new. And on that note, I'm 30,000 words into novel number two. Because, let's face it, the best part of it all is being in the process of creation. The end result is for others, should it be their pleasure to share it. 
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