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Chapter 8: The dream of facing out!

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This week I went to visit my little book in its new home; the kind of home you always hope your children will move into when they leave you. It could have ended up in a seedy squat in King's Cross, living off Pot Noodles and never cleaning the oven - sure I'd still love it, but I might not boast about it to my friends. Or it could have got tangled up with a massive mortgage on a studio flat in Battersea with a shower in the kitchen and a view of the local KFC's air conditioning unit. At least they're trying to get on the ladder. Luckily, for my baby, it ended up landing on its feet in the best home a book could wish for: face out on a shelf in Waterstones. And, thanks to having a surname that begins with 'C', it's even in that most perfect of levels - eye level! It's even got a bookseller review attached, so it's not just me that loves my baby. Move over Angela Carter, and thank you to Valda Fisher at Waterstones.

Sleeping Through War at Waterstones

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