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Chapter 6: The calm before the storm...hopefully!

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In 5 days' time, the physical copies of my debut novel will be delivered to my door. The ebook is already spreading itself across the virtual world and people are downloading it onto convenient reading devices. This must be the time when all authors, no matter how seasoned or experienced, have that odd feeling of nothingness waiting for somethingness that's totally unknown, and that is: what will they think of it? Human beings (hopefully more than just a couple) will soon be looking at black print on white paper or black pixels on little screens, and taking in some words that came out of my imagination and stuffing them into their own to process. What will that process be like? What will a reader see in their mind? Will it be the same as what I saw? Will it make them happy? sad? inspired? bored? I don't know yet. It will probably be different for everybody. It's all fascinating to me. Some ideas got into my head (and where do ideas come from?...that's another blog), those ideas got condensed into words and sentences and paragraphs that were written down, then typed up, then processed by a publisher and a printer and all bound up in paper and digital bits. Then somebody will read those ideas, mix them with their own ideas and something will be alive in the world that wasn't before. It's quite a thought. It's scary, and profound, and exciting. For those of you that plan to read the finished book: Thank you for reading. I look forward to finding out what you made of it, and I hope you find something in it that you enjoy x

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