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Chapter 5: It's getting real now.

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A couple of days ago I became ridiculously excited when I discovered that my debut novel (not due to be published until February) had become available to pre-order on Waterstones and Wordery online bookshops. There it was, brazen as you like, showing off its ISBN number and everything. Even my name was spelt correctly. I literally (and I actually mean 'literally') jumped around the room for several minutes with joy. Even better, Waterstones (my old employers) had suggested one of my favourite authors, Margaret Atwood, under 'If you like this you might also like...' Pure joy! As is the custom for us modern writers today, I went straight on to social media to inform anyone who was awake of my exciting news and posted a link to one of the bookshops for pre-orders. To my amazement and with deep gratitude, I started to see messages coming in from friends around the world to say they had just pre-ordered! I was and still am truly humbled by the actions of friends, both old and new, showing complete faith in my ability to write a book they might enjoy, before they've read any of it, and without even seeing the finished cover! These people truly have more belief in me than I do myself, and by that I am blown away. They've even paid good money to demonstrate this belief! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Not just for the pre-orders, but also the many messages of support and encouragement. I'm writing this down and posting it on the eternal interweb so that I can remember these feelings when I'm onto book Number 5, published by Faber & Faber (one day...!). I hope I never, ever take these things for granted.
(...And if anyone out there does want to pre-order, there's a link on my 'Published Works: Books' page!)

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